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Inspection at Ultratools occurs at all stages of mould manufacture and validation.

High investment in quantities of accurate inspection equipment and training of staff is driven by a philoshophy for quality control.

Customers receive reports on both steel and component inspection.


On-Line Inspection

Each section of manufacture has access to a co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) to ensure continuous verification of process ouput against designs.

Mould Plate Inspection

A mould plate from a 48-cavity packaging mould is inspected on a CNC driven CMM machine.
Plate inspection on high cavitation moulds is important to ensure concentricity.

Validating Dies

All manufactured die sets are inspected against the original 3D design model to tolerances up to ± 0.005mm.

Component Inspection Report

Fully detailed Component Inspection Reports are submitted with final approved components from our Mould Validation Department.


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