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Our expertise in mould design and manufacture includes high volume, high precision tooling for the medical and packaging industries.

Our philosophy embracing quality assured systems allows us to provide high tolerance tooling with interchangable die sets.


Multi-cavity moulds for the Packaging industry

The Packaging industry demands high volume production runs. Our experience with this sector has allowed runs of up to 1.5 million components per day to be produced.

Typical types:

  • Bump off tools.
  • Unscrewing tools.
  • Collapsable core tools
  • Hot runner tools.
  • Cold runner tools.
  • Up to 64 impression tooling.

Multi-cavity moulds for the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries

The Medical sector demands the highest quality components. Our multi-cavity tooling can provide accuracies of 0.01mm as required and consistency across all impressions.

Typical types:

  • Up to 60 impression tooling.
  • Medical component tools.
  • Medical packaging tools.
  • Thin wall component tools.
  • 10,000 rated clean room tools.


Stack moulds for high volume disposable components

Generally for use in the packaging industries, stack tools provide the highest volume of components per production cycle.

Application Examples:

  • Dairy Cap tools.
  • Tamper evident caps tools.
  • Detergent caps
  • Thin walled containers
  • Up to 96 impression tooling.


Development moulds for new products

Development tooling is used for developing new components prior to production tool committment, to ensure features, geometry, gating and material are optimised for subsequent high volume tooling.

Component Examples:

  • Caps with bump-off threads
  • Caps with unscrewing threads
  • Jar closures with collapsing cores
  • Tamper evident caps
  • Child resistant closures
  • Detergent caps
  • Thin walled containers
  • Electrical contact insulators




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